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Romantic Faucets by Mamoli – new Ortigia and Paola

Ready for their big reveal at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno in Milan from April 14 to 16, these romantic faucets by Mamoli will sweep you off your feet. The new Ortigia and Paola faucets aren’t your typical fixtures. The Ortigia bathroom faucet (above) – the joint effort of Mamoli and Studio Batoni – is a slender, abstract, lightweight design that personifies simple elegance. The coiled handle appearance romantically links the users to ancient environments of neo-Baroque. The Paola kitchen faucet (below) is designed by Paola Navone in collaboration with Mamoli. Let your creative juices flow as easily as water – imagine your playful kitchen design based on this faucet where the red handle brings added spice to a modern aesthetic. Fore details on these new romantic faucets, visit Mamoli.


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