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Bathroom Design with a View

bathroom design with view 3 Bathroom Design with a View
Who would say no to a serene bathroom design with a view of the magnificent Pacific Ocean? This bathroom belongs to a cool modern minimalist house in Japan. Nothing but marble and glass and a luxurious tub. Relaxing and unwinding here at the end of the day, gazing at the intensity of a sunset, would be simply blissful. Or beginning your day here would be purely inspiring, taking all your energy from the rising sun. If you are lucky to have such a view or some other kind of naturally amazing scene, big windows and minimalist design are definitely the way to go. Especially in a bathroom, where nature can be the perfect catalyst for relaxation and rejuvenation. Letting the scenery speak for itself with nothing to distract from the wondrous sight beyond the glass.

bathroom design with view 2 Bathroom Design with a View



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