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Bamboo countertop from Totally Bamboo – ecologically friendly counter tops

Choosing a bamboo countertop from Totally Bamboo can benefit the environment and the aesthetic of your kitchen. Totally Bamboo has recently revealed its new ecologically friendly countertop line after much research and testing. These solid bamboo sheets are 16% harder than maple, making this product a durable alternative for many applications, from countertops to bookcases to table legs. Sheets are constructed using crossband laminates called Multilam, a gluing process that keeps the sheets flat and true, reducing the tendency of the sheet to warp or twist. This product is available in a variety of styles, including basic flat grain and vertical grain styles, the exclusive parquet end grain style, and the Notreeinum compressed fiber style that provides added depth and texture. The Multilam inner core option enhances the design even further by adding an accent layer along the edge of the top, creating a striking profile that contributes to the aesthetic as well as to the structure. The bamboo countertop surface can be easily maintained by sealing it with a natural finishing product like mineral oil, keeping it as beautiful as the day it was installed. Tops are available in several sizes and thicknesses, depending on the particular style chosen. Contact Totally Bamboo for additional info and pricing.



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