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Backyard Theatre by Pottery Barn

Here’s a fun, inspiring idea by Pottery Barn for a backyard theatre. If you’ve been to an open air cinema before, you know how pleasurable and magical it can be. A huge screen, glowing in the darkness, seemingly suspended in thin air. Why not recreate that in your own backyard? The styling of this image makes you want to put it on the list of things to do this weekend. For the screen, Pottery Barn suggests sewing two ironed, queen sized sheets together. Insert a top pole between the sheets and hang with rope from a tree. Insert a bottom pole and fasten to the ground somehow (rope and tent stakes is what they suggest). And there you go, your very own, home made projector screen. Of course, ambiance is everything. So put together an enchanting lighting scheme, some comfortable seating and cozy blankets and you are set. This can be a creative setting for a romantic evening or equally exciting for a family/friends night. How badly do you feel like trying this out right now?
via Pottery Barn


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