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Whimsical Baby Girl Nursery Decorating Ideas

Every woman who has ever had a child or is currently pregnant knows there’s something magical about decorating a nursery. Particularly if you’re having a baby girl. There is just so much magic and grace in the air when you’re anticipating the arrival of a new member of your family. Thus, why preparing your nursery is so important, however, if you’re a first-time mom then you know your mind is full of ideas that can’t seem to come together perfectly. If that is the case, we are here to help! The following nursery decorating ideas are just as whimsical and enchanting as your baby girl will be.

Keep it Minimal

Whimsical Baby Girl Nursery Decorating Ideas
When keeping it minimal work with pieces that make any room come to life yet don’t overtake the aesthetic of the room.

Okay, okay, so having minimal décor might not be your first thought, however, it could very much be exactly what the room need. This is particularly true if you have a small space. When it comes to a minimal nursery, you want to have everything you need right on hand, including a crib, changing table, diaper pail, rocker, etc. The idea is to have it all on hand where you do not have to go searching for any item. Furthermore, to create that whimsical feel you want to have an accent piece, for your accent piece we recommend a soft lamp or an engaging wallpaper. Either or will instantly give your room a new approach.

Blush & Florals

Working with floral wallpaper will enhance the floral display you’re seeking. Furthermore, it will showcase just how feminine and charming the room can be.

There is nothing that screams “baby girl” quite like having the shade of blush be the dominant hue and florals be the accent pattern. Blush is one of the most beautiful soft, pink hues you can come across, it easy on the eye yet makes a bold contrast. Furthermore, when it is paired with a floral accent it just comes to life. Whether you decide to bring in a bold, floral accent wallpaper or you would rather have floral bits decorating the rest of the room you want to ensure your floral and the blush bits are entwined as much as possible.

Think Gray

When it comes to using shades of gray, work with lighter hues for a more feminine approach and a darker shade to create an appealing contrast.

So, gray might not be the first color that comes to mind when you first think “baby girl” nursery but hear us out. The shade might not be the epitome of feminine, but it’s the perfect base neutral. What this means is you can work around this shade like no other. It’s light enough to work with pastels yet rich enough that it gives you contrast. Furthermore, this shade is perfect for those that want to keep the room the same hue until further notice.

Bring on the Colors

For a bright, colorful nursery bring in bedding that makes the room come to life in an overall manner with just the right amount of daring hues.

Having a colorful nursery is just as stimulating as having patterns and prints. Bringing your baby into a colorful space can truly cheer up their mood. It’s been scientifically proven that bold, happy colors mentally help anyone feel happier, it’s a game-changer in a way. The key is to bring in colors that make sense to the rest of your décor. You want to have a colorful display that freshens the room not takes away from it. Use vivid hues in the center of the room to ensure your space feels chic and put together no matter the size or appeal.

Animal Kingdom

When it comes to having an animal kingdom as your main decorating aesthetic, you do not need to focus on displaying animals everywhere. Instead, you can work with a few animal images and have them be a focal point.

Is there anything cuter than animal print in a nursery? We think not! Animal nursery’s just do something special to a room. With that being said, consider bringing in an animal-inspired wallpaper and pair it with shades of green and pink. The contrast between the two will instantly give the room a feminine flair with the perfect hint of freshness. Consider adding a plant or two for an additional dose of nature.

Rainbow of Neutrals

Just because the room is neutral does not mean it will be boring. Bring multiple unique nude shades and allow them to make the statement they deserve to make

One of the biggest trends that have been taking over for about 2-3 years now is the neutral approach. While many are going for a neutral home and keeping the nursery fresh, this year it’s all about bringing a neutral touch to the nursery. Instead of working with a few neutral touches here and there, we love the idea of taking your nursery to the next level with an entirely neutral room that exposes the beauty of having a rainbow of neutrals. It’s all about taking the room to a chic level that is less infantile but with a trendy aesthetic.

Princess Theme

When it comes to creating a princess appeal in a nursery, more is always more. You want to go as bold as possible with daring pieces that come to life.

Everyone who is having a little baby girl knows there is something magical about having a princess theme as the nursery. With a princess-themed nursery, you have the option of using a wide range of hues including pink, purple, yellow, white, and even hints of green. You want to take these hues and blend them beautifully together to create a seamless princess theme that feels ethereal with just a hint of Disney princess. Whether you like Disney or not, we all know all of our childhood has been marked by a Disney character or two.


Using an unexpected shade like green allows you to get as creative as possible with your decor. Nevertheless, the shade itself serves the perfect blend between feminine and masculine energy.

Who would’ve thought green would be the perfect color for a baby girl nursery? If you consider yourself the ultimate millennial mom or a hippie at heart, having a green baby girl nursery is the way to go. Not only is it chic but if you decide to have another child a year or two later you can place them in the same room without having to redecorate. Furthermore, consider adding fresh greenery in the room to enhance the bold green elements you decide to add. Work with bold, green wallpaper and allow it to be the focus with natural elements.

Rainbow Display

If you don’t want to go as bold with your decor, consider taking a watercolor appeal. Doing so enables you to get the same colorful approach with a softer aesthetic.

Though we have mentioned having a rainbow of neutrals, this option is all about bringing a rainbow display, you know the bright kind where there is a pot of gold at the end. For a rainbow display us all the colors and showcase them seamlessly. You might even want to paint a beautiful rainbow as part of your walls. Having a seamless display will a high-profile rainbow make any room come to life with a sweet touch that’s bold and daring.

Delicate & Whimsical

Can we say more about whimsical decor? I think not! Having a whimsical room is perfect for the new member of your family.

Every baby girl deserves to have a room that feels like a haven. Creating a safe haven is simple when you work with delicate essentials that are feminine and soft. Bring in furniture pieces that have a weathered touch to them for an antique aesthetic. Use an abundance of white and lace to showcase a whimsical touch that makes the room come to life in an open and airy kind of way. Keep it whimsical by using minimal décor and showcasing only what you need most.

When it comes to having a baby girl, you don’t have to worry about having an overcrowded space that is too pink to be true instead consider one of these. Share with us how you would decorate your nursery?


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