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Ardore Freestanding Bath by Jacuzzi – soaker baths in black and white

Tried and trusted bathroom brand Jacuzzi does not disappoint with its latest and greatest modern innovation, the Ardore Freestanding Bath. You’ll adore the Ardore – a stylish and functional centerpiece for your luxurious, spa-inspired space. The elegant, two-toned finish gives this striking fixture some real pizzazz, but the real magic happens inside. The Ardore soaker bath boasts a depth and width that allow for total immersion. A gel backrest comfortably eases you into relaxation mode, as you soak away the cares of the day. Available in crisp white with a glossy black panel, the “tuxedo-chic” style of the Ardore bath makes a chic addition to any bathroom. For more details visit Jacuzzi.



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