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AworkDesign Studio Completes Another Modern Apartment in Taiwan

AworkDesign Studio completed another modern apartment remodeling in Taiwan. The brief centered around exploration theme for the clients’ kids. Resulting open space provides residents with a lot of functions, but there is also room for playground.

Employing wood, and to a lesser extent, concrete the designers divided open plan into different zones. Hallway and playground got the best of wood properties, while the living area and dining room got a stylish backdrop of concrete.

Wood and concrete visually separate the living are and rest of space
Dining area settled near the big window

A double-sided sofa is a great way to keep children occupied, while you catch up with your favorite television programs. Tray coffee tables are perfect for serving both tea and dinner.

Room behind the dining area has no walls, thus integrating into the main layout. There the owners can read and think, while kids are playing nearby.

It seems that the kitchen didn’t become part of the main layout, as it’s usually the case, but is kept behind wooden slat doors to separate the clean main room from the messes of cooking area.

A small balcony with a glass access from the living room has its own little green lawn, and overlooks the city.

Another Modern Apartment in Taiwan

A minimal console lends the concrete feature wall some elegance
The dining area overlooks a small balcony lawn
Difference in dining seats creates a positive dynamic in decor
Tray coffee tables are very much ‘in’ right now
Storage, storage everywhere
Cool home library comes in punchy contrasts and hues
String wall art proves it can be unique on a bigger scale
Far end of the main room accommodates a play area for kids
The wooden part of the room looks more homey and inviting
Wood and metal shelving physically divides the room into zones
Play area isn’t spacious but provides its own shelter
Nearby doors are leading to master and kids bedrooms
Master bedroom
Bathroom hides behind corrugated glass
Closet stands next to bathroom
Concrete makes an appearance in form of a sink

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