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Amazing Acoustic Wall Covering from Altera – Acustica wallcovering for cinema or home theater

Altera Design Studio acoustic wall covering
Daring design with practical purpose – acoustic wall covering from Altera – the Acustica. Enhancing the acoustics of home movie or theatre rooms is the priority of the gorgeous Acustica. However, its futuristic and colorful looks are bound to attract attention. Made from layers of corian, the wall covering comes in a vibrant range of colors. Cavities for lighting bulbs allow light to shine through the outer, translucent layer. That means that the soft light will complement the color scheme of the wall and add a soft, warm glow to your room. The aim is to enhance your enjoyment of home entertainment by ‘elevation of human senses’ whether the lights are on or off. Contact Altera Design Studio about this stunning acoustic wall covering.
Altera Design Studio acoustic wall covering - colors


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