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Bed that Floats in the Air by Daniele Lago

No, not an air mattress, but an air bed. A platform bed that rests on four slabs of transparent crystal, making it appear to be floating in mid-air. Another spectacular design by Daniele Lago for an awe-striking minimalist bedroom and an utterly unique sleeping experience; a flying carpet ride that symbolizes the soaring capabilities of the mind during sleep and dreams. The height of the bed is adjustable by rotating the glass supports under the metallic body and the bed itself comes in two sizes. But wait, that’s not all – underneath the mattress you will find twenty figures stenciled into the platform that depict positions from the Kama Sutra (third photo shown here). This interesting discovery might remind you of the many uses of a bed and push you to greater heights of … sleep ;-). The air bed: an uplifting and arousing design, to be sure.



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