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Adorable Kids Bookcase from Mathy by Bols

How adorable is this kids bookcase? Who thinks this stuff up? Make a bookcase out of MDF, one that looks like a tree and fits on the corner of a bunk bed. Alternately, a raised bed also works – the unit is made to complement Mathy by Bols’ Dominique Collection of children’s beds. Brilliant! The bookcase is dubbed the “Jules” from the line, Arbre Bibliothèque. Which, in French, means exactly what it is, a tree library. The V-shaped shelves are slightly adjustable and the unit has a contemporary flair, with just enough whimsy. And it adds space where there was only air before – maximizing a small room. And of course, books themselves are made from trees, so it’s appropriate. But most of all – it’s fun.

More information: Mathy by Bols


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