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Kids Bookcase Tree from Mathy by Bols

What a sweet bookcase for a kids room – or a whimsical touch in your office. After all, books come from trees, right? Designed by Christophe Boulin for the quirky Mathy by Bols in Belgium, this bookcase is anything but ordinary. The shelving leans like branches and can hold everything from books to kitsch. And there are over 21 lacquered colors to choose from, so you know this piece will work anywhere. The red finish (see below) just knocks it out of the park if you’re looking for a focal piece. All Mathy by Bols uses only organic dyes and all finishes are tested and fully compliant with European standards, so you know they’re safe. Wouldn’t it be fun to lay out a blanket and do a picnic lunch under the tree with your children? Or you could develop a new tradition for a bedtime story under the tree. What could be a better memory for a child?

More information: Mathy by Bols


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