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How To Add Retro Style To Any Room

While we are in the new age of décor, and everything always seems to be changing; whether it be due to the season, evolving trends or just time for an upgrade. However, while most things do tend to change somethings are best left alone, that is where retro style comes into play. This specific decorating style works wonders because it adds that “homie” feel most of us are familiar with and have loved most of our lives. Here are a few ways to add retro style to any room to brighten it up.

Foyer Charm

Add a few throw pillows and a blanket to bring a cozy twist to your foyer bench.

Many times, the foyer tends to not be as acknowledged as often as the rest of the home when it comes to adding or removing décor. However, when working with bringing a retro style the foyer is a great place to start. In order to add a charm to your foyer consider adding a leather bench, paired with wicker baskets to bring that calming effect that is oh so charming and engaging.

Living Room Daybed

When opting for a daybed consider one with bold color that enhances what your decor has to offer.

A few years back daybeds were all the rave in multiple areas of the home, particularly in the living room. Nevertheless, as décor has evolved daybeds have taken a step back, but they are back on trend as a staple for retro style. Add a daybed to your living room to give you that appeal of retro while still having your staple décor.

Black & White Tiles

Keep the rest of your decor on the neutral end to allow your checked floors to make a daring statement.

During the 1970s, there as a rise in black and white tiles, but just like other decorative aspects mentioned in this guide, they have taken a step back. The checkered floor brings a bright display that has a resonance of 70s diners, grandma’s kitchen and/or both the perfect blend of openness with just the right hint of color. Add it to any room to bring a color wave that enhances your overall décor.

Bold Wallpaper

The bolder the wallpaper the grander the room will appear. Pair with bold seating to make the room come back to life.

Has wallpaper really gone out of style? Absolutely not! As lovers of all things wallpaper. Wallpaper is here to stay with a retro touch. Consider a repetitive pattern that adds a flowing aspect to the space. Doing so allows you to work with the size of the room while not taking away from what style you already have.

Decorate with Toys

Bring personality to your walls by showcasing your favorite toys and allow them to make a statement while still working with the appeal of the room. 

Decorating with toys is one of the best, yet minimal forms of getting a retro style across. It allows you to showcase your creative side while adding color and texture to the room with a patterned twist. Consider having your toys displayed in a unique format to ensure they make sense to the room’s overall style.

Retro Kitchen Appliances

When selecting your retro bit of decor consider going the colorful route for the perfect vivid element that adds to the retro aesthetic of the room.

The kitchen is one of the best areas to decorate, its expansive enough that it allows you to decorate as much as you should like while still being grand. If you want to add a touch of retro, the key is going with a retro appliance. Retro appliances are great due to how cool they look in the room; whether you like a colorful appliance or just a hint of uniqueness your retro appliance will display just that.

Shiplap Walls

When working with shiplap make sure you lay items on it to bring direct focus to the texture shiplap showcases. 

Shiplap is quite the farmhouse aesthetic staple, but it can make a room feel a bit retro as well. Think of it as the perfect way of creating balance in a room without adding décor to the space. Shiplap walls have the ability to add old school charm with hints of modern right where it matters most.

Leather Dining Seats

Add a fun rug to emphasize the retro aspect of having leather seats.

If there is an area of the home that can make great use of having a hint of retro, it’s the dining room. The dining room is a classic area in any home, and one that gets used on a regular basis, which is why adding leather dining seats is an excellent form of doing so. Leather seats are classic to a retro room because of how similar yet bold they can be all at once.

Bamboo Swing

Add a faux fur blanket to bring a cozy appeal to the room, without taking away from the airiness the bamboo swing is notorious for.

If you could add anything to any room to give it a retro twist it would be a bamboo swing! Like most items in any home, adding a retro swing will make a statement, whether it’s on its own or with other bamboo decorative elements. Feature a bamboo swing in your home for that classic retro style that enhances the overall aesthetics of the space while still being chic and even feminine.

Playful Color

Pair your bold color with neutral bits to ensure the room doesn’t feel overwhelmed with too much color or texture.

Retro style seems like the perfect excuse to add color to any room. The key is working with bold colors that still flow well together and apart. Furthermore, when working with colors consider incorporating patterns. Having the patterns will further enhance your most used hues in the room.

A retro style might just be what your room needs to feel bright and put together. Share with us your ideas below.


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