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10 Ways To Add Cozy Vintage Style To Your Home This Winter

So, we are almost approaching March but somehow winter has its grips on us still. With that being said we wanted to bring you a few different ideas to help you embrace the cold weather for a cozy approach that is still versatile but with a touch of vintage. Here are 10 ways you can add a cozy vintage style to your home during the chilly, winter days.

Take it outside

When in doubt add wood! Wood is always a cozy element, particularly when it is paired with soft throw pillows you can sit with and enjoy.

If you have an outdoor deck, patio or even simple outdoor seating, take your vintage cozy style outdoors. Add a combination of classic prints and patterns and mix it with winter fabrics. Furthermore, add timeless neutral hues such as gray, black, blues, and charcoal to bring that definitive appeal.

Pattern Rugs

When selecting your rug consider a neutral pattern, the neutral bits will help bring your decor together while still being simple and easy to include in the room.

Bringing a patterned rug to a room helps bring charm in a cozy, almost masculine manner without being harsh or over the top. We love the idea of a checked rug in richer, darker hues in order to provide a beautiful contrast between what you currently have as décor and what pieces you bring in.

Add some Greenery

If you are ever prepared to indulge in color for your living room but can’t figure out how adding greenery is the way to go. Its effortless yet captivating to the eye.

When you first think of greenery your first thought might be “summer;” however, not this time. This time you want to bring dark green winter shades in the room, for an almost holiday feel without the classic Christmas decor. Think of the modern way of embracing plants and nature directly in your home.

Oversize Metallics

For an added touch of metallic add two or more metallic light fixtures, they not only help make the room look brighter but larger as well.

Think of metals, and more metals, there is something about metals that adds a vintage twist to your home in a unique kind of way. This is particularly true when you are working with oversized metallics. The bigger the metallic bits the more eye-catching it will feel.

Cozy up your chairs

Add a fur rug to drape around your chair or even add a throw blanket to make the room feel cozy and put together while giving your guests the ability to stay warm.

If you have simple chairs as part of your living room or your dining room add a cozy touch to them by having a throw blanket draped on the back or a faux fur rug. Either of these will bring that lux feel while still being useful and appealing to the room.

Rustic Accents

Have a little corner in your home with a rustic touch and allow it to be grand and cozy while still having every element you want and need.

We could not make a guide on adding cozy, vintage touches to your home without having a rustic accent added in. There is something very warming and classic about rustic décor. Add wooden bits, vintage light fixtures, or even a bench for that rustic feel that intertwines seamlessly in your current décor. Additionally, if you do add a bench this can double up as a picnic space during the warmer months.

Go Neutral

When working with neutrals do not forget to add darker bits for a contrast that works seamlessly in the room.

When in doubt, seek a neutral color palette. Not only do neutrals work exceptionally well with the rest of your décor but they add a hint of something extra to the room. Insert darker nudes for that rich feel that is simple and monochromatic with hints of vintage.

Warmer Lights

When adding soft light fixtures you want to work on having them around the walls for an overcast, you also want to have multiple lights throughout.

Cozy décor calls for warmer lighting, plus let’s face it when you are working on adding an extra dose of coziness to a room you want to have that warmness come through from all angles. This can easily be achieved by changing up your light fixtures and light bulbs to less bright ones. Furthermore, you want to consider going for bolder light fixtures for an elegant attempt.

Add more Décor

When adding more decor you want to keep in mind not to create clutter. The idea is to have an abundance of decor with little to no cluttered areas.

Yes! You read that correctly, adding more décor to a room can truly make it feel cozier and more put together. There is something about having an abundance of décor that brings that classic vintage approach to any room you might have.

Keep it Dark

Even when you have dark decor, you still want to make sure you have lighter bits added in to break away from all the rich colors and textures.

If you are ever in doubt of how to add a warming effect to a room, keep your color palette on the darker side. The dark colors, add an edgy charm that is still quite vintage in its own righteous manner. To break down the color wave a tiny bit, add accents of white, beige or light gray to bring it all together while still remaining in the same palette.

How do you add a cozy twist to your home? Share with us your ideas below.


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