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10 Stylish Accent Walls To Dress Up Your Dining Room

For many that don’t entertain or cook frequently the dining room can be a difficult area to decorate or redesign. One of the main challenges that occur during this decorating the dining room is not knowing how to properly bring a focal point to the room. Furthermore, its on what do you truly do with your large walls? The answer is simple: you dress them up. Here’s a guide on how to do just that in a stylish manner.

Gallery Wall

When placing your images in frames you want to consider using the same hue. Doing so will bring a seamless approach.

In the instance that you have a large collection of art or images that mean a whole lot to you, a gallery wall is a way to go. You can mix and match sizes, decorative items and frames to make your gallery wall as personal to you as possible. Think of it as a form of bringing your personal style full circle. Throw a few od objects in there for a unique display.

Large Mirror

If you have an extra-large mirror you want to place it on the ground. By placing it on the ground the entire room will feel expansive and larger immediately.

A large mirror with a unique frame will never go out of style. Furthermore, its an investment that you should consider capitalizing in. A large mirror is great for smaller dining rooms that needs something to make it feel grander. Additionally, a large mirror will bring focus where you need it.

Big on Wallpaper

The bolder the image the grander your appeal will be to the room. Making your display feel fresh and new every time.

We are big on wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of those decorating elements that simply makes sense to have. The key is taking a bold wallpaper pattern, taking the main wall and making it the focal point of the room. You want a wallpaper that offers a daring blended color palette without taking away from your current décor.

One Solid Color

For a contrast consider going for a darker accent wall. Use shades of navy, gray or plum for a bold pairing.

When in doubt, choose a solid color and go bold. You want to take the color and make it the accent hue of the room. The idea is to have this one color become the statement of the space while blending perfectly with the style you already have as part of your décor.

Wall Garden

The grander your garden is the better. You want your wall garden to feel as authentic to the room as possible.

This idea might seem a bit quirkier but it’s a statement moment for sure. Wall gardens are fun. They bring new life to your walls while adding color and texture. Before, selecting what plants will be a part of your wall garden you want to make sure to do your research on them. Some plants can not survive being displayed on the wall and getting a small amount of lighting. Furthermore, you want to make sure you’re using natural, real plants nothing artificial.

Why Not a Chalkboard?

Use chalkboard paint to make the room feel as open and airy as possible without having to use too much decor or investing too much money.

Another quirky and fun idea- a chalkboard. Chalkboard walls are traditionally seen as part of the kitchen or even in the laundry room but very rarely are they a part of the dining room and we want to change that. You can use your new wall to share a menu with guests or use it as an area to showcase an important message to your family. The larger your chalkboard the grander the statement it will make.

Children’s Artwork

The bigger your art pieces the better! You want your children to feel special seeing the room with their personal masterpieces displayed.

While most parents display their children’s artwork on the refrigerator, why not take it a step further by having your children’s artwork as the main element in the room? Consider blowing up a couple of unique pieces of art, framing them and having them memorabilia’s you will remember for a lifetime.


The more shelves you display the more additional space you will have. Add trinkets into your shelves to maximize their display. 

Shelving has come a long way from where it used to be. It’s now becoming a grander appeal to have them displayed in your home. Display a few shelves as part of your wall to make them feel as grand as possible. You want your shelving to feel unique yet quirky.

Vintage Sign

When selecting a vintage sign consider the bigger and grander one for the best display that is showcased in the room.

If you’re seeking something a bit more vintage go for a vintage sign. Vintage signs work due to how classic they are. They come in multiple colors and with unique messages that offer something fresh to the room that is quite unexpected. Consider it one of the best ways to bring an old goodie back to life.

Stone Wall

Consider 3D stone tiles for a beautiful display that feels as if it jumps off of your walls.

Last but certainly not least we have the option of having a stone wall as your accent piece. The idea is to have a classic stone display for the best possible display. Furthermore, you want the stone wall to be the main focus of the room while still being appealing to the rooms main decorating style.

Which of these ideas are you excited about trying? Please share with us below.


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