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5 Awesome Kids Bathroom Sinks

Appropriately sized kids bathroom sinks boasting fun designs may be a good solution to encourage kids when it comes to hygiene. All parents know that it can be difficult to get your kids to brush their teeth before bed, or wash their hands before supper. Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids actually looked forward to bath time for a change? We’ve collected 5 awesome kids bathroom sinks that might just charm you as much as your kids. Which is your favorite?
These bathroom sinks for children by Laufen are definitely exciting. Bold colors, rounded shapes and edges; any child would be enthralled by such a sink. These sinks are our favorite choice.

This bathroom sink by Lasa is part of a colorful bathroom furniture set. Not specifically made for children, but we think the colors and shapes make it perfectly appropriate. Given its modular nature, you can arrange the pieces to suit you and your kids needs.
Now here’s a fun theme for kids bathroom sinks. Wall mounted or on a counter, these soccer ball sinks by Meridiana are perfect for sporty kids. The classic theme is black and white but they are also available in other fun colors.
Kids will love the Lesson 1 bathroom sink by Sonia mostly because they can draw right on the sink base unit. It’s made to be completely washable and erasable. Parents might find it fun too! Drawing fun aside, we like this sink because even though it boasts vibrant pops of color and fun shapes that are appealing to kids, the overall feel is not too childish.
These cute sinks by Ponte Giulio are clearly designed with the child in mind. Their unusual curved shape makes them fun and safe. The colors and sweet characters elevate the cute factor.


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