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Wall Mount Showerhead “Spray” from Rogerseller – luxury contemporary showerhead

The “Spray” wall mount showerhead from Rogerseller provides an enjoyable and efficient shower experience for your high-end bathroom. This contemporary showerhead is an innovative design concept that is able to fulfill the need for water conservation – meeting the requirements of WSAA water ratings – while creating a sleek, uncomplicated profile that does not impede on minimalist bathroom design. The entire fixture consists of a narrow cylinder that is mounted directly to the wall, reducing the bulkiness and visual clutter of standard showerheads. This luxury product is also available in two versions to satisfy multiple needs. Spray Quattro, for example, features four convenient spray functions, while Spray Small includes no movable parts, making it resistant to vandalism, and suitable for commercial applications. These fixtures are composed of brass and are finished in a shiny chrome. Rogerseller



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