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“Gas” bathroom faucet from Rogerseller – the pop-art tapware design

rogerseller gas faucet Gas bathroom faucet from Rogerseller   the pop art tapware design
Pop-art is the inspiration for this fun gas tapware from Rogerseller. This contemporary cross-handle bathroom faucet line incorporates the basic elements of minimalist design but injects the personality and warmth that many minimalist products tend to lack. In fact, Rogerseller is the first to reintroduce color into tapware design by offering bright, pop-art inspired color options for the handles of the Gas line and by adding exaggerated hot and cold markings to add another playful (and functional) touch. These durable fixtures are composed of brass and are available with a lustrous chrome finish or a gloss powder coat. In addition to these aesthetic options, further value is added to this line through many technological features, such as low profile flanges, flow restrictors, and concealed aerators. Rogerseller
rogerseller gas cross handle colors Gas bathroom faucet from Rogerseller   the pop art tapware design




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