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3 Modern Red Metal Bookshelves

These three modern red bookshelves each have their own charm and style. Any one of them would be instantly at home in a loft – they’ve got that urban feel. That said, they’d be at home in almost any house, too. The wall-mounted modular bookcase above, shown in such a stunning red, is an eye-catcher for sure. Manufactured by Zava Luce of Italy, it has that panache that can only mean European design and craftsmanship. And because it’s modular – you can create your own space, with a little help from your Italian designer, Franco Zavarise. Bellissimo!
More information: Zava Luce

This open double-sided bookcase, BoaBook, looks like a snake! And such flowing lines – it almost looks like it’s moving. By Thomas de Lussac Design Lab, the Boabook is available in other colors, but we prefer the gorgeous red pictured here. Can’t you just imagine what a kick the kids would get out of having this bookcase in their room? But you’ll probably want it for your own office!
More information: Thomas de Lussac
Upside Down from Different and Different is exactly what it says – a bookshelf that can sit in any one of four different configurations. Turn it 90 degrees, and again, and again until you find the orientation you like! It’s almost wafer-thin shelves give it a sleek look, along with the luscious red. It is available in aluminum or painted steel. Think of how artistic you could get with your placements on this one: a few books here, a small vase of flowers there, perhaps a green plant somewhere else. And when you get bored – just flip it around once and start again. Whichever of these three red bookshelves you prefer, your office/study/den will thank you for the upgrade. Don’t your favorite books deserve a nice place to live too?
More information: Different and Different
Modular pieces make up this wall-mounted 349 bookshelf.
Doesn’t the Boabook look like a snake? It’s looks like it’s moving, too!
If you get bored with the Up Side Down bookshelf, flip it on its side!


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