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Triangular House with Entry Under Pointed Corner

The Triangle House is located in Nesodden, Norway on a two level site with its entry on the lower level of the property. It was designed by Jarmund/Vigsnaes Architects to take advantage of the allowable aerial building lines in width, length and height and the resulting triangular shape was played up in the entry way with the extended 3 sided concrete terrace.

While the right side of the entry has concrete pavers leading up to the entry, the approach on the left side is via a dirt pathway through the foliage. This more private side leads not only to the main entrance but also to a back entry further down the facade.
The back entrance is accessed by a flight of wood steps that are cut into the landscape. A small garden at the top of the stairs is fenced off from the wildlife that on occasion will wonder out of the forest next to the home.
Inside the home, the social level is on the 2nd floor and includes the kitchen, dining and living room as well as a guest washroom and the Master Suite in the back. The living room at the front of the home is built with bookshelves lining one side of the triangle while a wood burning fireplace is located on the other. The area just past the fireplace is the overhang of the entry below.
Filled with books and an uber contemporary sofa, the double volume living room presents a comfortable place to hang out and read by the heat of the fire. If reading is not on the agenda there is always the views of the Oslo fjord through the tree canopy beyond.
The Master Suite ensuite is at the back end of the 2nd storey. Entry to the ensuite is positioned between the shower and the toilet with the shower wall creating a niche for the vanity.
The top floor has a family room, a study, a second bedroom a common area and a bathroom. This level is accessed by a switchback stairwell that is positioned in front of a large window and is located between the family room and the study.
The family room is wrapped in additional bookshelves and features a large skylight in the center of the ceiling. Just around the corner from the family room is a large common area with mirrors covering the back of the family room’s wall. At the end of the 3 panels of mirrors is a doorway that leads to the bedroom on this level.
The theme of the Triangle house is “duality of focal and flow”
Jarmund/Vigsnaes Architects
Photography by Ivan Brodey


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