Artwork Radiators by Caleido


Is it a radiator, or is it artwork? These cool modern radiators by Caleido are both! The Therme home radiator is an masterful swirl of brilliant hues reminiscent of watercolor. For more-modern tastes, the Geiger radiator features a computer-generated design set on a sleek, black background. The elongated rectangular shape is easy to incorporate among your existing artwork, or let it steal the spotlight and feature it as an art piece all on its own. These cool radiators are by Karim Rashid, who stayed true to his signature funky style. These new radiators made their debut at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010. Fore more info visit Caleido.


14 May 2010 | Interiors |

Translucent Wood by Luminoso


Changing the way the modern world looks at wood, Austrian company Luminoso has come up with Translucent Wood – a new, ultra-modern design element that combines the warmth of wood and light. Whether you’re using a natural or artificial light source, the result is equally amazing – the stronger the light, the more vivid the effect. Available in a range of wood varieties, colors and endless shapes, with partial or full translucency, this unusual wood product seems to glow from the inside out, bringing endless options to the table for the daring designer. This amazing, ultra-modern wood product is the recipient of a 2009 Red Dot Award, recognized for innovative and inspiring product design. Check out Translucent Wood, by Luminoso.


7 Oct 2009 | Interiors |

Modern Wallpaper Designs - designer wallpapers

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New Futuristic Cinema Opens in Warsaw - The Multikino Zlote Tarasy Cinema by Robert Majkut


The Multikino company, a major Polish multiplex operator, has created the cinema experience of the future, in collaboration with Polish designer Robert Majkut. They have incorporated state-of-the-art equipment, including the “Martin Audio” sound system and the “Christie” digital projector, into a blend of ultramodern designs. It is the type of design one would expect to see in an animated or futuristic film, which makes it a fitting choice for the ultimate film-viewing experience.

Robert Majkut Design studio

The colour scheme of the cinema rests on dark purple, black and red combinations that hint at luxury with an underground, jazzy quality. The premiere hall (seen above) houses 777 seats and a breathtaking 6-meter chandelier in LED technology. Neon pink lights snake along the purple sides of the theatre, adding to the surrealism of the space.

The purple scheme continues in the Velvet Bar – a VIP-zone with a long bar and stage for music performances. It remind us of a meeting place for supervillains with its dark allure, velvet padded walls and luxurious wing chairs.

The main hall, which provides access to the premiere hall, the seven other auditoria, and the other amenities, has more LED lighting, large silver pedestals and a definite space-station feel. It includes a lounge area with red velvet seating for patrons that await the beginning of their film.

The “35mm” music club is on the top floor of the entertainment complex, with a DJ booth, a bar and a restaurant. Its appeal is light an airy compared to the rest of the building, with white walls and decor, skylights, and egg chairs.

The Multikino Zlote Tarasy (Golden Terraces) is the largest and most spectacular cinema in Poland.




2 Jul 2008 | Interiors |

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