Decorating Ideas for Interior Concrete Walls


This house by Sullivan Conard Architects displays some great decorating ideas for interior concrete walls. Using concrete indoors can be beautiful, but we admit it can also be quite intimidating. One may be afraid of the interior becoming too cold due to the concrete, but this house shows that using this tough material doesn't have to take away from the coziness of a home. The wall containing the fireplace, the wall leading up the stairs and the bedroom wall against which the beds rest all have this concrete slab look. It’s nice that they use it on the exterior facade at the front door as this gives the feeling of continuity throughout the home. The creamy neutral colors used in the interior scheme (brown, beige, caramel, with a pinky red influence) actually bring out the beige influence in the grey of the concrete warming it and the whole place up. This is what you call making good use of simultaneous contrast with color - you can influence the feeling of a color based on the colors you group it with. The result is a cozy contemporary home with a modern edge. For more house design and decorating ideas, visit Sullivan Conard Architects.
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Posted on 10-20-2011 13:49 in Whole House Interiors


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