Luxury Beach Houses – Oceanfront Design with White Exteriors and Interiors

A luxury design by architect Richard Meier and his partner Michael Palladino, this cool Southern California beach house is the epitome of cool. Fronting the Pacific Ocean to the south, a courtyard to the west and the Pacific Coast Highway to the north, this 4,280-sq.-ft. beach house follows in the tradition of SoCal’s courtyard houses that open to the outdoors. This light and airy design welcomes residents and guests into a two-storey glass-enclosed entry, leading into the garden, main oceanfront house and guest house. The two-storey foyer is bisected by a glass bridge and walkway, with the home living areas on either side. A modern, open-to-above living room opens to the deck overlooking the ocean. Floor-two-ceiling glass is shaded with sunscreens and louvers, providing privacy while maintaining a sense of openness to the outdoors. “The beams at the roof, located above the horizontal framing, express the structural rhythm and layering of components,” explains the architect. “This cadence is repeated with the joinery of the painted aluminum exterior wall panels and modular windows. The mass of the exterior plaster walls are juxtaposed to the transparent glazed facades, creating a mosaic of layered materials.” Richard Meier
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Posted on June 18, 2009 4:09 PM in Coastal Homes


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