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Modern Family Home in The Netherlands: Tradition with a Twist

JagerJanssen Architects designed this home in Meppel, the Netherlands for a Dutch family who wanted something a little different. The Van Leeuwen House stands out from its more conventional neighbors thanks to its distinctive silhouette, but it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, the unusual architecture still works in its surroundings.

The home’s striking shape lures you in for a closer look. Inspired by the form of typical homes, the architects put a twist on tradition by putting a deliberate kink in the plan – literally. “The shape was conceived by making some subtle alterations to the basic shape of the house: the introduction of a kink in one of the facades which extends directly to a sloping ridge resulted in a dynamic and seemingly complex shape,” according to the architects.
The entrance is like a bite taken out of the structure, a sheltered white opening in the dark brick facade.
As you enter, the contrast from dark exterior to bright interior is startling, and welcoming. The spacious open living area is white from top to bottom. Floors, walls and ceilings – even the kitchen cabinets – are finished in this minimalist palette.
As you look up, you’ll notice the home’s unusual shape from the inside. The open-to-above living area showcases the rooflines overhead, dotted with skylights which flood the home with natural light.
The upper level, partially enclosed by a glass partition, offers an unobstructed view and open dialogue with the living area below, enhancing its sense of space and social interaction.

“No two projects are the same, our architecture always is a logic outcome of time, context, dialog between client and architect and collaboration with third parties. We want to make architecture that is a counterweight to the complexity of contemporal society.” – JagerJanssen Architects
JagerJanssen Architects
Photo credit: Ossip Architectuurfotografie


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