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Suspended Bathtub by Splinter Works Floats on Air

Wow - is this a bathtub or a hammock? It's a bathtub inspired by a hammock! "Vessel" is a sleek design with impressive curves - and looks like it would be heaven to slide into. It seems to float on air, but it is supported by stainless brackets that can be exposed or hidden. Made from carbon fiber, the curves that Splinter Works has managed to build into this piece are amazing. And it's insulated, to keep your tub warm longer. And check out that floor faucet! The water is released from the tub into a floor drain but if a wet room location isn't possible, you can always add a downspout. Available in multiple colors, Vessel is larger than a standard tub, so you can stretch right out. Can't you just imagine unwinding in this floating sculpture after a hard day?