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Stunning Table from 350 Year Old Oak by Braun and Braun


One solid plank of wood from a 350-year-old Oak tree was used to create this very impressive 320x110cm table. Designed and created by Christa Braun and Christoph Braun from Berngau, Germany, Table 0007 is an awesome example of what can be done with a little vision and the right tools. The weight of this plank requires substantial support, yet the base does not overpower the top, in fact it is perfectly proportioned with the thickness of the slab. What an awesome table for either a dining room or a conference.


Any slab of wood this large is prone to checking and I am excited that the natural splitting of the wood was not filled and glued but rather left as a testament to the organic nature of the wood.


The graining of Oak is distinctly heavy and random and the detail of the graining within this plank is no exception. With each row defining a year of growth, and each knot highlighting the location of a branch, the plank tells the history of the oak making this table a true storyteller.


So simple and yet so stunning.

Solid Wood Table by Braun & Braun through Holz Elf

Posted in Furniture on 03-09-14 00:14