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Sound Absorbing Screen - Airflake Wall Coverings by Abstracta also store magazines


Decorative and functional – what could be more fitting for the upcoming winter season than these pretty sound absorbing screens by Abstracta? Dividing space to add a more intimate feel, or simply fixed to the wall as an artistic touch, the Airflake Wall Coverings are moulded fibre felt panels. They come in four distinctive patterns, all in a lovely hexagonal snowflake shape. The design is by Stefan Borselius, but you can get involved in the fun of designing too! Just visit the Abstracta site and use their Airflake configurator tool to build your own perfect Airflake screen arrangement. Choose from snowflakes in red, green, brown, black or white. Airflake News also can store magazines and newspapers – a convenient detail that can be combined with the ordinary Airflake module. A great idea from Abstracta!