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Skirted Bathtub from Gruppo Treesse - a classic English style


The New Classic is a skirted bathtub from Gruppo Treesse that will look fabulous in a traditional or transitional bathroom. The classic skirted style is substantial and elegant, naturally taking center stage in the bathroom. New Classic is a commanding rectangular bathtub, but the molded skirt and pillar effect on the front two corners gives it a rounded and softened dignity. You can choose from a lovely natural wooden skirt, or a glossy ceramic skirt. The tub is designed to be placed against a wall, displaying the skirt to best effect. Not only about looks, the bathtub is highly functional, with whirlpool style jets located at key points within the tub for a hydromassage effect. An English style with timeless appeal, the New Classic tub is by Italian bathroom experts Gruppo Treesse.