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Modern Sinks & Sink Art from Bandini


The Ocean series of modern sinks from Bandini are like interactive bathroom art for the user to explore. So sculptural, yet entirely functional, the eye-catching organic forms bring to mind the soothing motion of ocean waves. The rippled surface is realised in ‘technoform’ – which is a modern resin that is at once both hard-wearing and lustrous. The Ocean wash basin is available in two colors, black and white, and two sizes which can be combined into different formations due to their modular nature. A truly fascinating arrangement, shown in the pictures here, involves combining four basin areas to make a washing area suitable for up to four simultaneous users. As shown, the faucets descending from the ceiling highlight the unusual formation. The single and double sink options are also iconic options for smaller spaces. By Italian bathroom experts: Bandini.

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Love Bandini? Have you noticed the futuristic Eden ceiling-mount faucets pictured above the black sink?