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New Home Interior Trend - Illuminating with Colored Light!

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A new trend has just been spotted in home interior design - illuminating products with colored light and making them glow in the dark. With some products, the light adds functionality, with others, it sets the mood... These new and innovative product finds show that light is used as a focal point of the design:
Illuminated faucet - The Neve Brick Glas faucet lights up from the inside...
Illuminated sink and a bathtub - The Wet Sink and Tub light up from the inside. Colors can be changed programmatically...
Glowing water faucet - KWC, the renowned Swiss faucet manufacturer, announces their newest 'Eve' design, a kitchen pullout faucet that makes water glow...
Glowing door handle - The Brighthandle Alfa...a door handle that communicates with light...

Posted in Design Trends on May 14, 2005 11:42 PM

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