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LED Chandelier from Schonbek - the new Da Vinci LED Crystal Chandelier


Brilliant color over a shimmering sphere, the Schonbek Da Vinci LED chandelier creates a vibrant visual spectacle. A brilliant addition to modern interiors, the Da Vinci LED chandelier takes traditional glamour to dramatic new heights. The glittering globe is formed by hundreds of clear sparkling Swarovski crystals, and features two light settings. When illuminated by the halogen bulb, Da Vinci hangs like a twinkling glowing moon over your evening festivities. Yet when the LED mode is selected, the chandelier becomes a fiery ball of shifting and shimmering colour. A dramatic accent that creates distinctive atmospheric effects, the Da Vinci LED Chandelier can instantly transform rooms and interiors. Available in two enormous sizes, Schonbek offer the Da Vinci chandelier in both 3-foot and 5-foot diameters.