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Cloe: Mimialist Knotted Oak Kitchen from Cesar


Cloe by Cesar is a modern kitchen, featuring sleek lines and minimalist design. By giving the doors and drawers 30 degree edges, Cesar eliminates the need for grips or handles, maintaining the sleek look they are so famous for. The knotted oak is offset by eco cement in the kitchen shown above, which provides a strongly textured look against the smooth oak. We love the knotted oak for its classic wood lines but if you prefer, Cesar also has a VIP model of Cloe which utilizes olive, rosewood, ebony or eucalyptus woods. Cesar has been creating kitchens in Pramaggiore, Northern Italy for over 50 years and is considered one of the leading European kitchen designers. With their attention to sophistication, paired with functionality, it's no wonder. Superior materials promote longevity - all materials used in Cesar kitchens are scratch-resistant and waterproof. This knotted oak kitchen is treated with vegetable oils and waxes and is available with matt or rough finish. The wood pairs well with assorted finishes from cement to lacquers and laminates, allowing you to personalize the space in complimentary textured or smooth styles. Whichever style you choose, this is the ultimate kitchen space for cooking and entertaining.


Eco cement provides a rough textured look to the Cloe kitchen.


Or you can choose laminates and lacquers for a smooth as silk look.


The Cloe kitchen from Cesar is the ultimate cooking and entertaining space.


Just imagine the wonderful meals you can whip up in this kitchen!


Cloe is first and foremost a modern, minimalist design that incorporates function into every corner.


Choosing different colors and different textures can help personalize your kitchen.


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