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Designer Tile Maiolica from Casamood - the Argento glazed tile series


Thinking metropolitan style or loft-style luxurious tile ... think the Maiolica line of designer tile from Casamood. The Argento glazed tile series, in particular, is a beautiful and elegant tile design that can be used to make any kitchen or bathroom look glamorous. Silver in color, this reflective tile takes on the colors and shapes of surrounding objects to create a unique visual effect. It features a finely hammered finish that gives the tiles a subtle but impactful texture. Size options include 2”x2” mosaics, 2”x6”, 3”x6”, and 6”x6”. Tiles can be aligned to create a sleek, contemporary look, or they can be applied with a broken joint installation to enhance the texture and create an understated pattern. Matching grout is also available to provide a cohesive look. Casamood