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Cone Faucets by Gessi: Contemporary Art for the Bathroom


The "Cono" faucet (Cone in Italian) is part of the Cono Bathroom by Gessi of Italy. Fusing art with function is this manufacturer's forte and we love their style. But it's the faucets we're enamored with in this collection - look how sleek and almost alive they are. There is motion in these pieces, and that's before you turn on the water. Designer Prospero Rasulo has gone above and beyond the average faucet with the Cono faucet. It oozes design as well as H2O. Installing this faucet is the simplest way to take your bathroom up a notch. How can an inanimate object create so much calmness in the space it occupies? A Zen-like essence fills the room. Add some big fluffy white towels in baskets and voila - you're done. Because Gessi has done the hard work for you.


The Cono faucet is very Zen-like.


You can see how the Cono (Cone) faucet got it's name!


Gessi combines design with functionality, again and again.


More information: Gessi

Posted in Bathroom on April 29, 2014 6:56 AM

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