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Zanotta Maserati Chair Grandtour

This limited edition chair is the love child of two Italian gods of design: Zanotta and Maserati. But do not think you are simply going to be sitting in a car seat with legs. The designers went out of their way to ask, “If a Maserati was an arm chair, what would it be like?” The result is luxurious leather, a sophisticated avant-garde design and the sheer luxury that is called Grandtour. There are certainly design elements that mimic the car, particularly in the profile (and the exquisite leather), but while the inspiration was built for speed, this chair is built for comfort. Granted, when you sit in this chair and smell the leather, feel the comfortable quilting surround you — you can almost feel the speed. The leather is quilted using the old ‘Capitonné’ technique – a time-honored method of hand tufting the leather by only the best master craftsmen. The removable cover (how smart is that?) is made from a full-grain leather that will age with distinction, like a fine wine. Come to think of it, wouldn’t this be a lovely chair in the den or library? A pair would be even better. Haven’t you always wanted a Maserati or two?

The Maserati Grandtour chair is available in black and other colors (see below).
More information: Zanotta


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