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Z Apartment by Carola Vannini is Filled With Style Tricks to Steal

Carola Vannini‘s signature contemporary style with a penchant for drama finds home in another Rome apartment. The new project combines old and new, elegant and playful with such ease, you’ll never get bored looking at it.

To open up space with middle height ceilings, the architect went for the reliable white color scheme but supplemented it with interesting decor. Thin framed lights add interesting detail to the interior while vintage drawer cabinets bring an unexpected touch to the contemporary decor.

Z Apartment in Rome, 2016
Ghostly lights look almost drawn on

She also preserved the old masonry and brick elements at places to make the old and new connect better. Ambient lighting adds a flattering touch to one such wall in the dining room.

In the kids room and bedroom, the architect went for a more playful style, keeping minimalism for the most fitting areas – bathrooms.

Although the apartment is pretty spacious, there aren’t many square feet left squandered for nothing. In one of the rooms, the corner is equipped with a desk to create a home office.

Z Apartment in Rome by Carola Vannini

Living room storage comes in a form of vintage drawer cabinets
Carcass pendants are very popular dining room lights

Old masonry wall makes for a showy feature
A brick arc looks unexpected and yet fitting in a transition space
Long corridor enjoys the floral wall decor
In-built home office or study enjoys direct ambient lighting
Kichen eating area is more playful
Bedroom is simple and stylish
Shared kids room is a lot of fun thanks to creative chandelier and plenty of reading material
Study areas are simple and functional
Ghostly lights look almost drawn on
Blue lighting brightens up grey concrete in the bathroom
It also changes to accommodate the mood
Pale pink bathroom looks pleasantly feminine
Another bath shows more ways to use concrete

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