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XL Bird Chandelier by Sebastian Errazuriz

This chandelier is for the birds – and the bird lovers! Have you ever seen a more decadent piece? This design art light from Sebastian Errazuriz is a real head turner. A classic crystal chandelier has been taken over by a flock of colorful birds to turn a heavy looking and rather old-fashioned chandelier into a light and airy art installation. It’s dripping in birds — and crystals — and the effect of combining the two is an eclectic statement of the highest order. But who would expect anything less from this artist, who works with the most unusual combinations and materials? Errazuriz is an award-winning New York-based artist who has a world of inspiration to draw from. He was born in Chile, raised in London, studied film in Edinburgh and NY, art Washington and design in Santiago, covering off three continents before he was unleashed on the art and design worlds. Establishing new frontiers that combine art and design has been his passion and he has done it well. The crystals shine so brightly and the birds are so realistic that we almost expect to hear them sing. Can you just imagine this piece in a high foyer?

His birds look so real, we expect to hear their song!
More information: Sebastian Errazuriz


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