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Would You Walk on Glass Over Copper Canyon, Mexico?

The Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar, a unique restaurant/bar concept by Tall Arquitectos, will overlook the stunning Basaseachic Falls in Mexico – from above. Far above. There is an observation deck on top but the clear attraction to this place is the glass floor, where you can look directly down into the canyon – sure to be a stomach churning experience. The view of the waterfall itself is pretty spectacular – the second largest in all of Mexico. Copper Canyon derives its name from the stunning greenish copper hue of the canyon walls – there are sure to be some magnificent views from this unique establishment.
The structure will extend over Copper Canyon in Mexico’s Chihuahua state.

The observation deck is for chilling out on the top level, the restaurant/bar below has the thrill-seeking glass floor.
There’s even a pool for a quick dip after your one-of-a-kind dining experience. The observation deck is open in the middle to the glass floor and view below.
It’s sure going to be a long way down. But isn’t the view over the side stunning?
What a surprise for any climbers who stumble upon the cocktail bar with the glass floor. I imagine they’d stop and have a drink. Would you?
Architects: Tall Arquitectos


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