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Time To Work On Your Home Office

If you work from home, then you know the struggle of finding a balance between work and home life. There is just something about having your own space that allows you to get work done while still being creative. Whether you have a room dedicated to your work or a small corner space you want to bring your personality forward. In order to do just that you want to redecorate your work office and bring your space back to life. We have put together a guide on ways to revamp your home office and give it a few fresh twist.

Keep it Minimal

The idea is to ensure your home has as little bits of distraction as possible. Keep the space free of additional bits so you can focus on every task at hand.

Sometimes when you are working you do not want to see a whole lot of clutter or distraction around, that is where a minimally decorated office will come in handy. In a minimally decorated office, you want to have only the items that you truly need and give room for ample space. The clean space allows you to work freely without many distractions in the way.

Dark and Sexy

Add hints of wood to further emphasize the warmth in the room, the idea is to make the room feel warm and put together while being sexy and sleek.

While most of us wouldn’t think of having a darker colored office, we kind of love it. Black furniture pieces are great for bringing a more mature, almost masculine feel to the room. Add brass elements for a unique twist of sexy, that breaks away from the richness of the darker hues, consider adding shades of gray if you do not want to use black.

Boho Chic

Adding plants to your decor not only brightens it but makes it feel clean and fresh while allowing you to have your most beloved pieces displayed

Want to go for a unique look that has everything you need but also you everything you want? Consider going for a boho chic aesthetics that display sentimental items that have value to you. Furthermore, add bold, colors and patterns that embrace the appeal of the room. Additionally, add plants to bring a natural touch in the room and embrace the rest of your décor.

Embrace the Smaller Corner

For a more unique take consider adding a table with a metallic accent for a put together look that has a twist of personality.

If you do not have an office yet have a smaller space where you work every day, take time to decorate it and truly make it your personal space. Opt for smaller furniture pieces that embrace the space yet gives you enough room to work and have a little bit of personal room. To complete the look, add a comfortable chair that allows you to sit for an extended period of time.


Go for a wooden table for a modern look that still traditional in its own right, consider keeping your color palette simple for that crystal clear, modern aesthetics.

When in doubt, choose a modern appeal that embraces the room. For a modern approach, go for a sleek office table and pair it with a fun chair. Doing so brings a modern twist with a remaining classic appeal. Furthermore, add a fun rug to complete the look entirely.

Display Shelving

With open shelving, you can have everything you need right in front of you every single time. Which is perfect for those that must see their work display in front of them when they are working or getting creative.

If you are all about organization in the room, then this one is perfect for you. Try open shelving to keep everything you need visual and on hand time and time again. The key is having only what you need to remove any clutter in the space. Additionally, it’s a great way of bringing color to the room with your decorative pieces.

Try Traditional

When keeping your decor, traditional you want to add personal touches just to make sure everything comes together with bits of color and personality. We recommend having pops of color in a pastel manner.

A traditional office could be just what you need to feel inspired. Add a classic table with chairs to enhance the traditional appeal in the room. You want your office to feel put together with a traditional aesthetic that has a unique twist that is personal to you and your personality.

Add Pattern

Consider adding a bold, patterned wallpaper for a beautiful contrast that adds dimension to the room while making the space feel fresh and brand new.

When in doubt, opt for patterned elements. There is something about having patterned elements around your office space that tends to bring a creative twist not only to your décor but to your thought process as well. The pattern pieces will enhance the colors you already have in the room while making the space feel put together and unique.

Fresh and Clean

Plants have been known to help with concentration naturally; therefore, its an excellent way of adding an extra dose of concentration in the air without much work around it.

Bring on a fresh and clean aesthetics by using light hues that enhance the room. You want your office to feel relaxing and fresh yet with a twist of personality, using light hues will ensure that is always the case. Add a plant or two that added sense of seamless color through without overbearing the room.

Keep the Windows Open

If you have a view, then that would be even better! Allow your view to make a bold statement while bringing the outside completely inside.

If your desk sits in front of a window, embrace it and keep them open. Open windows allow for fresh air to come into the room while giving the room a sense of being put together. Additionally, you want to keep the windows curtain-free further emphasize the idea of having your windows be the main focus of your décor. Your office can now become one of your favorite places to spend time in.

Which of these ideas is your current favorite? Please share with us in the comments below.


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