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Wool Lighting Trame by in-es artdesign


Contemporary Italian lighting designer, Oçilunam, has created the unique Trame collection for in-es artdesign – out of fabric. Inspired by the moon and it’s “lunar matter” – his subject is interwoven with the concept of light. In this collection, textiles — and textures — are key. The shades are fashioned of handmade knitted fabric and the shape is then fixed in place with fire-retardant resin. The lamps come in different shapes but all use 100% wool in their creation. The knitted cone styles come in a palette of earthy colors and have an almost corduroy look. Use a single pendant, or group one of each color together for a stunning show of color and light. The bulbous white lamps (below) are reminiscent of crocheted bonnets – somehow retaining their soft knitted look while rigid and solid to the touch. These ‘crocheted’ lamps cast a mesmerizing pattern of shadows on the wall. And while white goes with everything, you can give them some extra personalization by choosing the color of cord: blue, red, yellow, gold, white, or fluorescent orange. Whichever your choice – the corduroy stripe or crochet knit — mixing fabric and light is an idea whose time has come.


This floor lamp looks like an old fashioned movie spotlight!


Group four of the pendents together to create a great reading area.


Choose your own cord color to personalize your selection.


This crocheted bonnet table lamp casts stunning shadows.


The ‘cone’ style is available in different shapes and colors.
More information: in-es artdesign


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