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Wooden Waterfront House Featuring Built-In Patio

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Situated along the interior shore of the barrier islands bordering Westhampton, New York, this bayside house integrates elements of a conventional beach house with those of an established New York estate home, all in an unmistakably modern package. Designed by Manhattan-based Leroy Street Studio, the home’s architecture adds an angular urban flair to the marshy property, with overall shape that relies mostly on right angles. Except for its concrete foundation, the abode is covered almost entire in thin wooden planks, with most of its remaining facade dominated by window space, especially at the rear. The home retains privacy at the front, however, with only a few smaller windows bringing in light. Inside, the public rooms of the dwelling all border the deck, while private spaces are situated on the second level, often with built-in decks of their own. The overall decor is comfortably, luxuriously modern, with custom furniture pieces and high-quality materials in an airy, open environment.

wooden waterfront house featuring built in patio 2 street side thumb 630xauto 37176 Wooden Waterfront House Featuring Built In Patio

From the street, most of the residence’s facade is fairly uniform, elevated above the waterfront marsh with small windows mounted nearly flush to the facade. On the bottom right side, however, an entire portion of the house seems to rotate to outwards, creating an angled wing which extends back to open up angular deck space at the rear.


After its initial rise, the front walkway enters a covered porch area, where the home’s wooden plank siding surrounds it on all sides and patio boarding lies underfoot. From here, anybody visiting the house has the option to go inside or to continue to the rear patio deck, making the gateway porch an effective barrier between indoors and out


As with almost any waterfront house, this dwelling includes a deck in its design. Instead of simply sticking off one edge, however, this wooden patio is integrated into the overall architecture of the home, occupying the space between various angled public rooms. In fact, the patio can be accessed directly from the home’s front entryway without even stepping inside.


The rear patio deck’s amenities include a built-in hot tub and numerous seating areas, each with a separate purpose ranging from dining to lounging. The home’s elevation above the bayfront allows for impressive views of the marsh and water just beyond.


The residence’s main living spaces are all arranged directly around its rear deck, including a tall living room which features a two-story sectioned glass window wall and an upstairs balcony overhead. Display racks of dark wood serve as wine storage instead of a traditional cellar, adding a contemporary touch to a tried-and-true luxury feature.


The home’s design includes two dedicated eating areas, the less formal of which is located just off the living room in a glass-lined corner of the dwelling. The walls and ceilings here serve to separate it environmentally from the living room, while the discontinuation of carpeting further distinguishes the two areas.


On the home’s upper landing, a line of wall storage and open shelving integrates with the window frame opposite the staircase to create and informal study area with a view out the front of the house. To accommodate the unconventionally located reading and working zone, the upstairs hallway is wide and airy.
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