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Wooden Wall Paneling – backlit paneling X.Lumen by Menotti Specchia

Italian company Menotti Specchia has created this amazing wooden wall paneling to dress your home up to the nines. Designed by Stefano Calchi Novati, X.Lumen panels can be used on wall and ceiling applications. Available with or without back-lighting, this cool collection of wooden wall paneling can also be customized to suit your home and your style to a T. This modular paneling can be arranged in any size and shape, so even hard-to-finish rooms find their perfect complement. It can also be combined with your existing lighting system to create unique lighting compositions. According to Menotti Specchia, “aesthetics and function, art and technology, modularity and uniqueness” blend into this one must-have accessory, raising your furniture, your home and your style to new heights. For more details on this new kind of wooden wall-covering, visit Menotti Specchia.



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