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Wooden Shower Panel from Aqvaplana

The Aqvaplana wooden shower panel boasts a truly timeless design. Combining the natural appeal and warmth of wood, accented by beautiful chrome fittings, with simple yet very elegant body lines, the Aqvaplana wooden shower panel takes shower design one step beyond the usual boundaries by bringing wood, one of the most beautiful natural materials, into the shower environment. Only 2.16” thick at the base and 1.37” at shower head level, this beautiful Italian wooden panel is the work of Giacomo La Spina. It is available in two basic versions: one equipped with a luxurious overhead shower head and the other with both an overhead showerhead and a hand shower. Each version comes in six different wood finishes including Zebra wood and Ebony. Aqvaplana panel is a wonderful modern addition for any luxury shower space.
Via Wow Bathrooms
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