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Wooden Carpet from Anderegg – a unique combination

Wooden carpet may sound unusual, but the unexpected combination of these two distinct materials produces an appealing and functional floor covering alternative. This innovative wooden carpet product from Anderegg is composed of 6mm thick hardwood slats that are attached using a permanent adhesive substance. This substance creates a 4mm thick seam that is highly elastic and flexible to allow the wood panels to conform to the surface below without the need of a particular substructure. These rubbery seams also keep the “carpet” from slipping about on the floor when it is walked upon. As a design element, it is fairly versatile as these mats can be made to measure and can be specified in many varieties of hardwood. Adding this wooden element to your floor can add warmth and an organic touch while maintaining a modern aesthetic. For durability’s sake, this wooden carpet can be used on either side and has been oiled for protection. Anderegg


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