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Woodburning Stove from Hearthstone Stoves – the Heritage woodstove

Woodburning stove offers the warmth and rich sensual scent of real wood. The Heritage woodstove combines this with the magical comfort of family traditions. The square firebox features a large glass landscape door framed in enamelled metal, perfect for watching the slowly burning logs. Polished Grey Soapstone adds a fabulous hazy finish to the Heritage wood burning stove. The thick metal edging uses a rich enamel finish in matte Black, Blue/Black Satin, Seafoam Majolica, Brown Majolica or High Gloss Black enamel. Large enough to warm a mid-size home, this woodstove can burn for up to eight long hours. The large side door makes it easy to fill, and requires little tending, giving you more time to simply relax. Available from Hearthstone Stoves, the Heritage stove brings traditional warmth and character home.


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