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Wood Shower Head by Rare – Terra Marique

We don’t know why the wood shower head isn’t more common, but we’re glad to see this one by Rare. The Terra Marique gets back to basics, with its simple, straightforward shape and natural material. The design by Mihran Rovelli Manoukian is made of solid wood, with a steel core that passes the water through silicone tubes without damaging the wood. The result is a fixture that will look great for many years to come. Good thing the style is timeless. Paired with glass walls and a matching wood-slat shower floor, you’d swear that you were in a spa. Add eco-friendly appeal to this earthy shower head (it guarantees to save water by reducing consumption from 40 liters per minute to just six) and you’ve got a real winner. In fact, the Terra Marique is the recipient of the Good Design Award for Bath and Accessories 2010. Check out this wood shower head by Rare.



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