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Wonderland-esque Apartment by Maria Llado: proving that more is more, and it’s never enough

Interior designer Maria Llado created this wonderful, wonderland-esque apartment, proving that more is more, and it’s never enough. The white backdrop is truly elegant, from the crisp walls and ceilings to the white painted herringbone wood floors. Extra high ceilings are framed by elaborate, classic moldings, illuminated by this massive arched glass of the doors and windows, adding light, views and a certain oomph to the space. Not that the furnishings don’t suffice on the oomph front. The eclectic collection of furniture, accessories and art add personality to this classic background – one that speaks to Llado’s rock star spirit and whimsical soul.

The eclectic collection of elements within this living room sets the tone for a casual, comfortable, yet artistic environment. The furnishing remind us of modern art on display in a gallery – thoughtfully arranged, each piece contributing to an overall message of life in style.
Large mirrors double the pleasure, double the fun. As if there weren’t enough parts in this whole, each is reflected in these massive floor and wall mirrors, which also act as faux windows that bounce light around the rooms.
Art graces every wall, every flat surface. Vibrant paintings feature a mix of subjects in every shade and hue, splashing life and personality to the clean white walls. Furniture in this space is transformed into a form of functional art, displaying sculptural shapes and intriguing patterns and textures, luring you in for a closer look and feel.
The master bedroom and bathroom, though small, make are sweet. White small in square footage, this private haven makes up for it in big, bold visuals in color, pattern and shape. Mirrored double doors lead into the bathroom, where furniture elements give it a “living room” look. A frosted window that opens up the space without compromising private.
Maria Llado
via Desire to Inspire


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