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Timeless Luxury Furniture by Wittmann Edwards

A truly iconic piece of luxury furniture is re-discovered: the Edwards sofa range from Wittmann Edwards Furniture is a modern classic. Originally released in 1981, the stylish sofas were recently discovered again and released again in 2008. They realised that the timeless design by Paris-based American architect Edward Tuttle had retained originality still looked bang up to date over 25 years later! So, Edwards is once again available in the form of a chaise lounge, an armchair and a sofa. The tightly-buttoned white or black leather finish reveals painstaking craftsmanship that will never go out of style. The smooth exterior surfaces offer a contrast – most noticeable on the chaise lounge. By the Austrian luxury furniture experts Wittman Edwards, the Edwards collection of sofas can’t fail to inspire and delight you…
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