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Winter dining room center pieces that bring all the charm

When it comes to entertaining in your home, things can get a bit hectic, not only because your home will be filled with guests but because you will be decorating for a large crowd. With that being said and the holidays being here, it’s time to take a look at winter dining room centerpieces. These ideas, not only bring your dining room because of life, but they have a sleek way of embracing the festive holiday season. The following ideas are as charming and sleek as can be.


Bring in a tree with berries to complete the look overall

Who knew dressing up branches, and bringing in fall leaves would make such a huge impact in a room. You can almost say it brings a mystical appeal to your dining table. Furthermore, the key is bringing in color and texture including berries that feel brightening yet fresh all at once. 

Layers and More layers 

It’s all about bringing as many layers as possible, in order to make the room feel crisp and expansive.

For a wintery appeal, its all about having layers as the main focus of your dining room. Mix metals, colors, textures, and unique elements to truly make the room feel grand yet maximizes what you already have in the room. The more layers you bring to your table the more cohesive your decor will appear. 

Colorful Fruit 

Use as many fruits as possible to create that classic colorful aesthetic

Vibrant colored fruit is an easy form of brightening the table while still bringing that classic wintery feel. The key is working with colors of fruit that feel almost as if it’s the main focus of the room overall. Pair with sleek bits of green to further enhance just how classic having hues of fruit are. 

Lush Greenery 

Sprinkle bits of white for a frosted look that screams holiday and snow

While we love the idea of having colorful fruits and brightening shades that enhance your decor, we love the idea of lush greenery even more. Greenery not only brings us back to warmer months, but it adds a little bit of freshness right when and where you need it most. Additionally, let’s not forget that greenery adds freshness along the way as well. 

Log Twist 

Pair your logs with pinecones to enhance the rustic touch your logs bring

Bringing wood to your table not only adds a rustic touch, but it warms up the room overall. Pair your wood with candles, to bring an intimate approach that makes the room have depth. Bring colorful elements to further push the idea of a winter directly to your table right when and where you want it most. 

Elegant Branches 

When in doubt, bring small Christmas trees paint them white and allow them to make the statement they deserve overall

Although we love the idea of having branches that embrace the room with a rustic appeal, we wanted to bring you something different and that comes in with elegant branches. Having elegant branches will make the room feel grand even when all you add are branch bits that feel quite cozy. Furthermore, it adds ambiance to the room overall. 


Pair your pomegranate with other colorful elements to truly make the room feel festive and true to the holiday season

For that touch of fruit, that is colorful, fun and embraces the idea of winter, bring in pomegranate. You want to spread them throughout your table to bring a classic hint right where you want and need it most. Pair with greenery and candles to make the room have that intimate approach that makes the room feel grandiose. 


Whether your terrarium is open or closed it’s up to you; however, you do want to add colorful elements in it to make the room feel sleek

Sometimes the room needs a fresh hint that isn’t as obvious, something a little bit softer yet edgy- that’s a terrarium. Living terrariums work due to how expansive they truly can be, while still giving color, right where you want it most. Green is the perfect hue for winter due to how fresh and clean it looks. Pair with candles, or fresh colors to keep it sleek. 


Pair your pinecones with other earthy elements to give the table a charming touch that further showcases the holiday season

Pine cones are a classic element of the fall season. Not only do they add freshness and a sense of tradition, but they also bring a unique holiday smell. There is something about them that feels almost as a staple. Bring them into a bowl or even a vase for that classic aesthetic that feels subtle yet enchanting. 


Bring candles when you want to make your garland feel romantic and ethereal

To some a Christmas staple, to others a classic bit, to us the perfect decorating touch. Instead of only having garland as part of your outdoor decor bring it to your table as well. It adds freshness, while still being sleek and bold. Furthermore, it’s one of the best ways to ensure you make the room out of any leftover garland you might have. Think of it as a win, win for all. 

How do you decorate your dining table for winter? Share with us below. 


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