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WetSpa Simplify and Rejuvenate Showers – complete spa solutions

Looking for a complete spa solution? The WetSpa concept from Sculptured Homes may be just what you want… There are two models of the WetSpa available, Simplify (right) and Rejuvenate. To create a total Spa experience, the WetSpa is accessorized with some unique and exiting features like fiber-optic lighting, built-in stereo speaker. Both models offer similar customizable steam shower features and accessories but present different design styles where Simplify is the classic WetSpa with its elegant minimalism and urban feel, and Rejuvenate is designed for distinction and sophistication of a luxury bathroom. Besides the steam generator unit from Steamist, both models are complete with high quality Grohe fixtures like six body spray jets, head and hand showers, thermostatic control and volume controls. Plus, Sculptured Homes offer a choice of shelves, shower seats, flooring tile options and shower panel colors. The construction is frameless and is made of 3/8″ tempered glass.
With the use of essential oils, lights and stereo speaker, you can combine steam, hydro-massage, aromatherapy and chromatherapy in the WetSpa unit, and enjoy your spa experience to the fullest. Prices start at $16,300. Sculptured Homes

WetSpa Rejuvenate Steam Shower
WetSpa’s fiber-optic lighting
WetSpa offers a choice of fiber-optic lighting or spot-lights
Simplify Glass Seat


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