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Bidet and Toilet from Sanindusa – Solid Style

Sanindusa toilet and bidet from WCA range
With an appearance resembling the form of large, thick industrial pipes, the WCA bidet and toilet from Sanindusa are truly eye-catching. They have a look which is balanced somewhere between cartoon-like cute and factory chic, due to the oversized and utilitarian styling. The conveniences seem to disappear into the wall, their pipe-like status confirmed by this, and by their perfectly round seats. The WCA bidet and toilet show us that white ceramic items for the bathroom need not be boring… in fact, quite the opposite! Sanindusa’s range arouses an emotional response as we contemplate their unique take on classic items. Matching items are available. From Sanindusa, the efficient, charming and industrial WCA range will complement your home perfectly.
Sanindusa wall hung washbasin from WCA range

Sanindusa WCA range overall view


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